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Friday, 27 February 2015


Blue Crystal manufactures a wide range of products – all under one roof, right from 3D Laser Engraving inside the Crystal glass and normal glass. The manufacturing crystal glass mementos, gifts, trophies, 2D and 3D Laser Engraving. The company can design and manufacture customized mementos to our clients’ requirements. Blue Crystal has designed several corporate gifts for various foundations, federations, hospitals, schools, colleges, industries, corporate offices, etc. The company maintains state-of-the-art designs and cutting-edge technologies and the best in India equipment's to assist their technicians in the selection and designing of the most attractive and effective products for the satisfaction of each individual client.

Blue Crystal maintains high standard of quality. The company has a dedicated and trained Sales Team. The staff at the manufacturing facility are chosen very carefully and well trained and are constantly being updated with the latest inventions/developments in the field. The company thrives to provide service to the customers without much delay because the company believes in “Better service leads to better sales” theme. The company assures to provide quality and quick service at very competitive price at the committed time.

Blue Crystal 3D Engrave Pvt. Ltd. possesses full technical back-up from the world class leaders in global glass article manufacturers.

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Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Recognition and appreciation are needed everywhere be it schools or businesses and these should essentially be made to people who make great contributions to the work and prove to be asset to the organization. The best way to appreciate anyone is by means of a reward and in this way custom awards are the best way to give an award. These awards have a message and the logo of the organization and this can truly convey the appreciation that the organization has for the members.
One can get awards in any size and shape ranging from crystal awards, acrylic awards, watches etc. there are many options available when one has to choose and one has to choose the kinds they like and most importantly the ones that will suit the budget that they have set for these awards. The choice also will depend on the fact that the award is being given for what and to whom. Thus there are many factors which one will need to consider when one decides to give custom awards.
There are many organizations which choose watches when they have to give service awards. On the face of the watch they have the logo of the company and one can get these in any color and design that they decide and like and the one which is cost effective to them as well. Coaster weights and crystal paperweights can also be used to appreciate the services of a member of the organization. The appreciation message along with the logo of the company and sometime the name of the recipient make the right gift or the award.
With custom sales awards one can always ensure that their sales team remains motivated and these are always liked more than mere appreciation certificates. One can get the awards made in different shapes also and this makes them look different. One can choose a theme which relates to the work and then accordingly get the trophies designed. The custom awards are always better than the regular awards as these give the honest feeling of appreciation to the recipient and they always like and appreciate it more. The base is an important part of any award and this also be chosen carefully. Custom Awards are a great way to appreciate the efforts of employees and other members of an organization and all that one needs to do is to design them carefully.

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