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Thursday, 26 April 2018

Customized Trophies

Customised awards and trophies- What you need to know and where to buy them in Bangalore?
When it comes to corporate gifts, there are so many options that it can actually get overwhelming. That’s why most of the big corporate companies leave the gifting arrangement to professionals (gift manufacturers) who choose the right gift for the right occasion. But not every organisation can afford services like that and hence, have to do the job themselves. Gifting even in the corporate world is one of the best ways to show someone your appreciation.
Corporate gifting isn’t limited to one event or occasion, there are so many instances where the gifting is necessary. While you can get away with a box of sweets or a customised bag for festivals and holidays, you can’t do the same when it comes to prizes and recognition awards. Customised trophies, awards, and mementos are definitely your best choice. But why customised you ask? Well, customising a gift will add a personal touch and make the gift more meaningful. But how can you customise a trophy making it look professional yet personal? What are the different ways to personalise? Where can you get personalised trophies and awards in Bangalore? Let us tell you all about it.
How to customise your awards, trophies, and mementos?
  • Size- Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest impact and the best things in life come in small packages. This is quite applicable in this situation too. Trophies and awards do not have to be big and flashy for them to look nice, they can be quite small and still have the same effect. Play around with different sizes while customising mementos and trophies.
  • Shape- Most of the companies offer a wide range of crystal trophies. These trophies come in different shapes ranging from an Eiffel tower to a star. If you are not happy with the existing awards, you can get one made in a shape you desire. There are so many options, you can even get one made in the shape of initials of your best performer.
  • Colours- It’s about time we ditch the boring monotonous colours and switch to bright colours that add some life to all the trophies and awards. There are certain ways that one incorporate bright colours in the trophies without making them look tacky. The detailing on these items can be in bright colours while the trophy remains quite monotonous in colour.
  • graving- Instead of getting the company’s name engraved on the award, get a motivational quote or saying on it. This way, your employee can use the memento as a home accessory and display it instead of stowing it away in a corner.
If you are looking for customisable awards and trophies and want the best at reasonable prices, you should definitely consider Blue Crystal, a corporate gift manufacturer in Bangalore. They offer a wide range of corporate and personal gifts at reasonable rates and offer the option of customising everything to suit your needs.