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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Article Regarding "When Crystal Chooses You"

Strictly speaking you don't choose a crystal - it chooses you. You may be walking past a shop window and notice a peculiar shape or colour, or a flash of sunlight on the ground in front of you while out walking the dog. These crystals that beckon you to come hither and request you pick them up, are doing so because you resonate with them in some way.

 The vibrational frequency of your physical and energy bodies, is in harmony with the frequency of the crystal and it calls to you. How can you resist, you just have to pick it up and take a closer look. 

If you are wise you will take it home with you and make it a faithful and loving companion, as you are to it. So to some degree forget the books on crystal meanings and uses, or at least put them on the back shelf for a while, because your crystal is going to tell you what it is for and how to use it - you just have to ask.

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