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Thursday, 28 August 2014

An Article Regarding "How To Tell Whether A Crystal Needs Charging?"

Whenever you acquire a new crystal, it should always be cleansed. All sorts of impressions will have been made on it between the time it was mined and the time it came into your ownership. This unwanted energy isn't necessary negative, although some of it may be. Even if there's no negative energy within your crystal, it's important that it's tuned in to you and you alone. Only then can you endow the crystals with your own personal energy.

Sometimes, a crystal will appear dull. This is most obvious in crystal prisms, but can also be seen in stones such as Jasper and Tiger's Eye. There are two reasons for this dullness. One is that the crystal is resting, in which case you shouldn't ask anything of it. The second is that it needs cleansing. If you think your crystal needs to rest, leave it in a quiet place for 24 hours. If it's still dull after 24 hours, you can be certain it needs cleansing. Even if nobody else has handled your crystal, it may have picked up other energies from the atmosphere around you, especially if it's been used in particularly intense or emotional work. Those used for crystal healing need cleansing often.

 Crystals used to protect or bring positive energy to the home or workplace will probably need to be cleansed more often than those that are kept in a dark place and only brought out occasionally. Again, check their shine--if they're dull, they're either tired or need charging. Home or workplace crystals that are tired should be remove and left in a quiet place to rest.

How to thoroughly cleanse and re-charge a crystal depends a lot on the type of crystal. Just as each have their own qualities, they also have their own requirements. However, there are general methods that can be used.

 CleanseWith A Pendulum If you want to cleanse several crystals at once, lay them in a ring. Hold a clear crystal pendulum--preferably an amethyst or rose quartz crystal--either over the single stone or in the middle of the circle. Pass the pendulum over the crystals in an anti-clockwise fashion, for the number of times that feels 'right' for you. Now dip the pendulum in cold water the same number of times you moved it over the crystals and shake dry. Move the crystal pendulum over the crystals again, for the same number of times, but now in a clockwise direction. The first passing will cleanse them - the second passing will empower them.

Cleansing with Earth Energies If you're close to place where earth energies are strong, this is a good choice. Such places include stone circles, burial mounds and fairy hills. If it feels charges with positive energy, it's probably a good place. Find a flat stone and lay your crystals on it. If a flat stone isn't available, lay the crystals at the foot of a tall, pointed stone. Leave the crystals for 30 minutes while the earth cleanses and recharges them.

CleansingWith Nature Leave your crystals in moonlight for 24 hours, or in a rainstorm for 5-10 minutes. The day of full moon is the best time for cleansing crystals in this manner.

UsingAmethyst Wrap your crystals in a smooth cloth along with a piece of unpolished amethyst. Leave the crystals in a dark place for 24 hours to recharge.

Clean 'busy' crystals at least once a week. If you consult your crystal pendulum daily, it's best to have two so that there's always one to use while one's being cleansed. The same goes for stones used in crystal healing. It isn't difficult and we owe it to our crystals. After all, they rarely refuse to work for us. Sharon Jacobsen is a full-time freelance writer living in South Cheshire, England. Metaphysics are one of her areas of special interest, but for a competitive fee, she’ll populate your website with compelling, keyword rich content on any subject, from pregnancy to pollution.

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