Monday 19 September 2022

Best Ideas For Wedding and Anniversary Gifts From Blue Crystal

 It is all time favourite to celebrate the all occasions by offering personalized gifts to your loved one's on special day. We need to spend some time to select the suitable and unique gifts for your companion. It not matters whether it is 1st or 25th anniversary just need to celebrate day by offering the gifts to each other and making some special / favourite food to make them happy and make the day even more memorable.

There are many more options in personalized gifts such as personalized crystal gifts, photo etching wooden gifts, photo printing wooden frame, acrylic photo frame, UV printing crystal gifts, photo printed mugs, Magic Mugs, MDF cut-out photo frame.

If you want to surprise your wife/husband you can go with personalized crystalcube. Crystal is more elegant that makes the gifts unique and attractive. It is one of the best options to present 3D photo crystal gifts on your anniversary to make the day unforgettable.  In this gift we make 3d model of your image and engrave your  image inside the crystal. We have lot of designs like heart, rectangle, square, round and we can customize the size as well as shape as per your requirement.

Personalized Crystal Gifts Crystal Gifts  Personalized Gifts Crystal Cube Crystal Gifts Manufacturer 3d crystal photo gifts Personalized 3d Crystal Gifts 3D Crystal Gifts 3D Photo Crystal Personalized Photo Crystal Gifts India 3D photo gifts crystal photo gifts crystal 3d photo Crystal Photo Cube  personalized crystal gifts for him Unique Crystal Gifts 3D Crystal Gift 3D Engraved Crystal Gifts Crystal Gifts For Her Crystal Gifts for Birthday 3D Crystal Photo Cube 3D Crystal Engraving Crystal Gifts Bangalore

 MDF cut-out photo frame is one of the option you can choose. In this we use trendy UV printing technique to print your photo on acrylic sheet and paste it to MDF wood that makes the gifts more stunning. For this we need one full size standee image and three additional image.

Personalized Gifts Personalized Photo Gifts Wooden Gifts  Wooden Photo Frame Photo Etching Wooden Photo Frame Wooden Plaque Birthday Gifts Wedding Gifts Valentine's Day Gifts Marriage Gifts
Wooden Etching photo frame, In this we use laser etching technique to etch your good memories on the quality wood to make the gift even more astonishing. Yes, Of-course it is one of the best options you can offer. You can use this wooden photo frame for house decoration also. You can keep this frame on the drawing table or your bedroom wall. You can present this gift item as an anniversary gift item to anyone. You can present this gift item to your wife, husband, parents, relatives, sister, brother and friends on their happy anniversary moments.

Personalized Gifts Personalized Photo Gifts Wooden Gifts  Wooden Photo Frame Photo Etching Wooden Photo Frame Wooden Plaque Birthday Gifts Wedding Gifts Valentine's Day Gifts Marriage Gifts

Personalized photo printed stone frame, In this you can print your marriage photo on stone with some wordings to express your love towards your wife/husband. Here also you can get customization as per your requirement. It is one of the best gifts you can offer to an young couple, friends and relatives to wish them new beginning of their life.

UV Printing Wooden Photo Frame Photo Printing Gifts Photo Printing Wooden Frame Photo Printing Stone

Now the Spotify become a trend, In this you can engrave or etch or print your husband or wife's favourite song in all the above gifts and play the music via Spotify application. Get ready to charm your better half with these above gift items on this anniversary.

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Tuesday 19 July 2022

Corporate Gifts For Beloved Employees | Business Gifts For Clients | Blue Crystal

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In order to build stronger relationships and improve the goodwill of the company, business firms have started to give corporate gifts to their employees. Each and every offices are different from one  another and it is these differing traits that help them decide what kind of corporate gifts they can bestow upon their clients and employees. Diwali gifting ideas for corporate must be a carefully planned affair.

To make an excellent impression on clients, it is important that you choose a perfect gift during the festive season. Companies that are involved in the manufacturing or trading of different varieties of goods could choose to gift leather products with their company's logo on it instead of opting for products belonging to a completely different industry.

Multinational companies choose gift hampers that include imported chocolates, dry fruits, etc. that can even be enjoyed by the kids and families of the employees. There are some essential tips that need to be kept in mind while creating the perfect Diwali gifting ideas for corporate.

Office gift ideas can be decided upon by understanding what kind of gift will touch the hearts of the clients, more than impressing them. It is important to create that "personal connect" with one's client.
The corporate policy of the company should be strongly noted before deciding upon the gifts. Some of the businesses usually have limits when it comes to the value of the gifts. The other strong point while deciding Diwali gifts is that it should be ordered well in advance. It is the busiest time of the year and Diwali is the peak season for giving gifts to families, friends and relatives. With so many orders, firms providing gifting solutions are already busy. Hence, you should remember to place your order well before time. This will ensure that the quality of the gifts is just as the good as the idea that led to its inception.

Gifts that may be offensive in any way to the receiver should be avoided. You should also avoid giving products of a rival company, obviously; as it would only decrease the goodwill of your company.
It is important to segregate the employees into top management, middle management and teams (employees) while choosing corporate gifts. This would make it easy to choose Diwali gifts for workers. Traditional and modern methods of gifting can be combined to create exclusive and innovative hampers. These gift ideas could be fruit baskets, food baskets, flowers, plants, stationery items, organizers, etc. All gifts can be given with a personal touch so that it becomes a memento that the receiver cherishes.

The last and the most important point to consider is the budget. You should choose a gift that matches your budget as there a lot of employees for gifting and there should not be any issues such as going overboard, just to create an impression.

It is important that the opportunity of giving corporate gifts is effectively used so that achieving business goals becomes that much easier.

Bluecrystals is Bangalore based company that provides complete gifting solutions for both corporate gifts  and consumers. Bluecrystals boasts of a varied range of Diwali corporate gifts and hampers and Diwal office gits..With a focus of bringing an innovation to the gifting culture in the country, Gogappa aims to inspire people through its efficient product and services.

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Monday 27 June 2022

Blue Crystal Customized Crystal Trophies and Awards To Reward Employees and Clients


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Crystal Trophy : Rewarding is compulsory when it comes to corporate world to a small company. Appreciating the hard and smart work of beloved employee leads to positive environment and long lasting relationship. When you choose crystal trophies and awards to reward your beloved employees and clients then it is most fantastic way you can go with. We can Beveled Sapphire Crystal is the ideal crowning award for individuals who reach for success. 

If you’re looking for a stunning, classic trophies that brings light and beauty into any home, office or business,  crystal trophies are the best option to go with. Crystal and glass both are transparent but the crystal has higher lead content than other glass and diffracts the light in intriguing ways to create sparkle and beautiful light spectrum refraction.

Whether you can buy one crystal trophy or bulk to rewards the whole team,  We are here to full fill all your needs. We can customized the crystal awards and trophies as per your requirement. We are Blue crystal is a top leading crystal trophies and awards manufacturing company located in Bangalore, India. We offer all variety of customized crystal trophies in affordable price and we use K9 quality crystal for trophies.

 If you’re interested in engraving inside crystal awards, our designer team will sit beside with you and design according to your requirement. If you want to add wording along with recipient's image then that is also ok for us. For wording we go with 2d engraving and for image or photo we will go with 3D modelling and engraving.

If you choose crystal for awarding and rewarding your beloved employees for their long lasting efforts, The recipient will get to enjoy the stunning sparkles and spectrum of light glinting off of their award in their home, Business or office. Due to its attractive nature, crystal can easily be bevelled into different beautiful shapes and sizes. This flexibility provides you with a custom crystal trophy and awards that captures some element of your business or suits your aesthetic desires.

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Friday 17 June 2022

Celebrate This Father's Day 2022 By Offering Some Stunning Gifts| Blue Crystal

Best Personalized Gifts: Father's Day is always celebrated on the third Sunday in June. In 2022, it's Sunday, June 19th.  Father’s Day is celebrated worldwide to recognize the contribution that fathers and father figures make to the lives of their children. This day celebrates fatherhood and male parenting. Although it is celebrated on a variety of dates worldwide, many countries observe this day on the third Sunday in June.

Father is very important in every one's life. Without father our family is incomplete. The only person who struggles day and night for their children's dreams to come true. He help us in every situation whether it is good or bad he stays like pillar. Really  one or two  days are not sufficient to express our love, affection and appreciation to our father for their  considerate sacrifices. It is our duty to bring smile on his face each and every day.

This Father's Day wish them with tight hug to make them feel like special, Give them your whole day time , cook his favourite meal, send some fresh flowers or favourite flavoured cake . You can also celebrate this Father's day by offering some special and unique gift to our dad and make day the memorable. Find below some of the unique gifts suitable for any occasion.

Personalized Photo Engraved Crystal Gifts | 3D Photo Engraved Crystal Cube.

Crystal is an attractive material that makes the gift very stunning. Gift 3D photo engraved crystal this father's day to express your love towards your father and make them feel happy.

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Personalized Wooden Plaque / Photo Etching on Wooden Frame

Etch your pappa's  favourite or your family photo on wooden frame to make it more attractive.

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Personalized Photo Mug/ Magic Mug

Using new technology called UV Printing print your pappa's photo on mug and some wordings to express your affection with your pappa.
Mugs, Photo Mugs, Magic Mugs, Personalized Gifts, Father's Day Gifts, Father's Day, Mugs Bangalore.

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Saturday 11 June 2022

Corporate Gifts For Beloved Employees and Clients | Blue Crystal

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Corporate Gifts For Employees : Now a day's corporate gifting are offered to maintain and develop business to business (B2B) relationship with your employees, client and stockholders. Need to select the gifts according to the occasions. Corporate Gifting helps to improves the relationship with clients and customers. You can gift them for any occasions , events and functions.

If you like you can offer personalized corporate gifts them to celebrate the event. For this you just give name or picture of individual employees. Special wordings dedicated to the person on the gifts

Here we will discuss the best occasion to offer corporate gifts for clients and customers  that will not only help you to delight your clients and customers but also build a good reputation for your company.

Festival Season Gifts.

Essentially in festival season especially in Diwali most of the corporate company offer corporate gifts to their employees and clients to pay rewards to their good work.

 Joining Gift Set

Now a day's joininggifts become trend like while employee joining to corporate companies they will present you gifts and welcome you to their company.

Birthday Gifts  

Birthday is something special to everyone and offering surprise gifts to your employee and clients on their birthday to make the even more memorable.

Rewards and Recognition.

Rewarding and recognition is very important in current circumstances. It is a system where people are acknowledged for their hard work and smart work in intrinsic or extrinsic ways. Recognition and reward are present in a work environment where there are appropriate acknowledgment and appreciation of employees’ efforts in a fair and timely manner. reward and recognition policy is intended to encourage employees whose performance is outstanding either individually or through teams that contribute.

Conferences, Meets and Events.

Give and take! A simple transaction that has prevailed through the year. This leads to happiness and positivity in the workplace. Rewards and Recognition are thus, linked intricately and have a positive correlation to Employee happiness.

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Thursday 26 May 2022

Customized Crystal Trophies To Appreciate The Excellent Performance

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Honoring and Appreciating beloved employees for their efforts to bring your organization to the next level is really a good practice. There are many options when you consider  awards and trophies to be your choice.

While choosing the awards and trophies customer need to consider few of the things like customization, details to be engraved or etching inside the trophy, weight, price, quality and service. Now a day crystal trophies are become trend, crystal really makes the trophy even more attractive and stunning. We need to pay attention to the customization when we consider crystal or glass trophies to be awarded.

Need to consider the purpose before choosing the crystal trophies and awards like to whom and why we are offering these trophies to them. For example, whether it is for appreciating excellent performance, recognizing teamwork, or honoring an individual. Always select an award that suits your purpose.

Importance of crystal trophies are customer can get the multi colour crystal like clear, red, blue and black and you can add two different colors to the trophy to make the trophy more astonishing. Details to be engraved and etched inside and outside the awards adds significance to it and to receiver also. One more option is you can print details on the crystal using new UV printing technology.

Blue Crystal is a top leading awards and trophies manufacturing company in Bangalore , India. here you can get variety of trophies like crystal trophies, wooden trophies , acrylic trophies , glass trophies and many more suitable for all type occasions, events and celebrations. According to the customer requirement and need, We can customize the awards and trophies with best quality material and work.

Monday 16 May 2022

Five Trendy Gifts To Present On Special Occasions To Your Best Friends/Relatives

We are all usually invited by our friends and relatives  to different occasions, events and celebrations. It is better to take some gifts instead of going with empty hand to a their house when you are invited to birthday party or wedding party. You may decide to carry a gift along but you may not know what to choose. Here we are trying to suggest you five different trendy gifts suits all different type of occasions.

Personalized Crystal Gifts/ 2D & 3D Photo Engraved Crystal Gifts.

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Crystal is really wonderful material when you are looking for different kind of gifts. Here in this photo engraved gift we take customer's  high resolution image and suggest the size and design which is suitable for image and we will give preview/artwork for customer approval, after  receiver approval we will make 3D Model and engrave your image inside the crystal and one more thing is that receiver can give any text message to wish or express their love in words. we can engrave the text message top or bottom of the image. really the output of the personalized crystal gift makes the receiver impressive.

Photo Etching on the wooden Frame / Wooden Photo Frame

Wooden Frame, Wooden Photo Frame, Photo Engraved Wooden Photo Frame, Wooden Plaque, Heart Shape Wooden Plaque

Woodenphoto frame takes the top place in listing when we talk about  trendy gifts. Here we use good quality wood to make this frame attractive and stunning. we need good quality image and wordings.

UV Printed Wooden Photo Frame/ Photo Printed Wooden Frame.

Print your loved ones old and unforgettable memories on wood to make the gift more special. here we use trendy uv printing technique to print the image on wood.

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Acrylic Photo Etching Gifts/ Acrylic Gifts /Personalized Acrylic Gifts

Etching your special ones photo on clear acrylic and switching on the light make the gifts very much surprising and more stunning. this is also one of the best gift can offer for your besties on any occasions.  

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Photo Printed Mugs / Magic Mugs

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We always use mugs to drink tea and coffee especially in the morning. To make the mugs more attractive print your loved ones photo or your golden moment on mug. Receiver remember the sender every day morning while having their favorite drink  to make the whole day more amazing. In this one more option is magic mug it is plain mug and very special one, While pouring the hot coffee, tea or liquid into the mug our special ones photo becomes visible.