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Thursday, 29 January 2015

An article about How To Understand Laser Engraving

I'm going to show you the ropes, the basics of what you need to know about starting up a work-from-home laser engraving business. It doesn't take a lot of money to get started. Laser machines and laser systems are relatively simple to operate. You can usually start up a business pretty fast because the system is easy to use. Whether you want to work full time or part-time you can make a good living.
Getting started setting up your business is easy. First, you'll need to get proper training. Check out your local community or junior colleges and see if they offer classes in laser engraving. Check the 'yellow pages' and see if there are any local shops or businesses in which you can get a part-time job to learn the business. Then you'll need to buy laser machines, systems and engraving equipment and supplies. You'll need to buy a laser engraver and a compatible computer.
Consider buying some used laser equipment. Call any companies that you can find locally and see of they have any machines, systems or equipment to sell or if they plan to go out of business. If you have cash set aside for your business try to buy one of the newer laser engravers that has a good warranty. High quality equipment will last a lot longer and will have fewer problems.
Some of the laser engraving businesses specialize in promotional engraving; that is - they make promotional business items engraved with company logos. Your customers should know that engraved promotional items are a great way to create fast, personalized items to distribute to their clients and/or employees. This is far less costly than what they would spend on pre-engraved promotional items.
The laser engraving systems of a few years ago were large, difficult to run and maintain. Lasermachines and systems today are simple to learn, operate, and maintain. They are affordable now for small businesses. And today's systems have less safety issues. They are sealed and a constant flow of gas is not necessary as was required in the old systems.
They also have faster engraving speeds and have more options to choose from. The cost of laser machines and systems is quite a bit lower than for the older machines. The most important difference between the new and old systems is the interfacing of laser engraving equipment with computers.
How it works: the laser engraving system is connected to a computer with a parallel printer cable. A laser machine driver is installed into the computer. The artwork is produced in a graphics program or scanned in with a scanner. The laser dealer or manufacturer can help you with selecting the best computer that is the most compatible with the new laser engraving system. The more capabilities the system has the more you will be able to do.
You need to get a demonstration of laser engraving and cutting systems so you can understand what table size and tube wattage you'll require for the projects you plan to do. To learn more about laser engraving technology, look for industry trade journals. Laser industry directories will help you find manufacturers of new equipment.
Many people who have work at home or small laser engraving businesses only engrave part-time. So if you decide to start up your own laser engraving business you don't have to leave your day job. Once you get your business going you can start to build your business into a successful home business.

A laser engraving business is a good choice for anyone who wants to start a work-at-home business or an outside-the-home business because the start up costs are low. You can start small and slowly grow and add equipment as demand for your products increase.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

An article about Crystal trophies

Crystal trophies are an effective way of letting someone or a group of people know that they have done well and that they are appreciated. Trophies and awards are often associated with big sport stars and their achievements or with the film and music industries, however it is not just the A-list that deserve to be awarded with trophies and there are plenty of opportunities to give someone a custom trophy.
One place where custom trophies are perfect is in the office. Bespoke awards are a great way to show employees that they are valued. It is always nice for people to know that they are appreciated and giving an award really demonstrates this. Awards are great motivational tools and they can also bring a new work ethic to an office environment. By letting employees know that they are appreciated a company can increase its productivity through motivation to work. There is also the option of giving an award to an entire department for their performance. Offices across the country use award systems to motivate staff and engraved crystal awards are great for these occasions.
As well as in the office itself trophies can be used at office functions such as sponsored golf tournaments or office parties. Winning something seems all the more special when you are given something to remember the victory by. When the award is personalized that feeling is often even greater and crystal is a great material to use for personal engravings.
A further great place to give out a custom trophy is in the home. Custom trophies can be a special gift for someone that also has a slight novelty value. For example a small crystal trophy in the form other object such as paperweights engraved with the words "world'sbest dad" can be a great father's day present. Some would argue that this type of trophy may be tacky however in the majority of occasions the trophy will have a sentimental value unlike any other gift.
The options for personalized trophies are almost endless, whether showing appreciation or just as a present to someone special awards and trophies always make people feel good. It is however important to remember that not all occasions are appropriate otherwise the specialness of the award is taken away. Next time you think of a gift or ways to reward someone consider the benefits of giving a personalized trophy.
Laser Crystal specialize in producing custom trophies and Bespoke awards for each and every businesses requirements.

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Friday, 2 January 2015

An article Regarding making of Lead Crystal Glass

The Glass Workshop The workshop where the lead crystal glass making is done is an interesting scene. Workers are stationed in groups around the furnace where the glass is melted. Each group is known as a "chair" and consists of 4 or 5 persons: The "workman", who is the principal, two who are known as "foot maker" and "servitor" - and one or two boys who are employed in what we would call "gofer" positions. A certain part of the work is assigned to each member of the group, according to the design of the item on which the "chair" is making.

Any lead crystal figurine or other piece begins as a ball of molten glass. This ball is drawn from the pot on the end of a blow-iron, which is a steel tube about 4 ft. long. It is constantly rotated in order to distribute the glass evenly. The molten glass is rolled on a polished iron table to smooth the surface. The glassworker now blows through the tube and the hot glass forms into a hollow sphere. By turning, tilting and swinging the molten glass on the tube the shape begins to develop. The glass is further created as the iron is rolled up and down on the arms of the glassmaker's chair.
Few tools are used in this process - a steel pincers, calipers, shears, wooden measuring sticks and clappers. Once a stem and foot are added to the piece being made it is transferred for further working to steel rod called a pontil, the end of which it is attached by a blob of hot glass. The glass is re-melting before excessive glass is sheared away from the item being made and any final touches are given. The still glowing article is cracked off the rod, dropped into a carrying case and transported to a "lehr" or annealing oven.
The annealing oven is a long chamber through which the glass is slowly carried, passing little by little from a high temperature to the ambient temperature of the workshop. This is necessary because the glass could cool too rapidly and shatter the item being created. When removed from the lehr, each article undergoes an examination for any defects. An instrument utilizing polarized light is used to reveal any imperfect annealing.
Cutting is one of the more critical processes and calls for a very high degree of skill. Cutting is done by holding the lead crystal figurine against the edge of a revolving cutting wheel. The glass is carefully guided to produce some of the lovely and complex patterns that are possible. The number of patterns is infinite and in combination creates some beautiful effects. The pattern which has been designated on the glass "blank" by specially trained workers, is first roughly cut by the carborundum wheel. The glass is now ready for polishing.
Polishing is done by placing the glass into a vat containing a mixture of hydrofluoric and sulphuric acid for about a minute. It is then thoroughly rinsed and the glass transforms into sparkling pieces of crystal.
This is the process that virtually any piece of lead crystal glass goes through before it becomes a beautiful piece of art. Throughout the years little in the process has changed.
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